About us: PEMF Experts

The PEMF-120 is manufactured by PEMF Systems, Inc, which also manufactures other units which are privately labeled.

The difference between purchasing a PEMF-120 or purchasing another similar device is the ongoing support you receive after the purchase. This website is operated by drpawluk.com, a world-renowned educational resource for information on the medical use of pulsed electromagnetic fields, written by Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc.

Because of the overwhelming positive response we have had to the PEMF-120 on drpawluk.com, we decided to dedicate a site to this product. Here, we can expand on its many benefits, lay to rest some concerns about higher intensities, and provide patients and practitioners with a medically-based resource on the purchase and use of this device.

Dr. Pawluk is a Board-Certified Family Physician, with training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, nutrition, and bodywork. He is an international expert in the medical use of electromagnetics, having 25 years of experience.

He has had academic appointments at a number of universities including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. He practices holistic medicine in the Baltimore area and appears regularly on the radio at www.wcbm.com.

In recognition of this experience, he has appeared on The Doctor Oz Show regarding magnetic therapy devices. As part of his work with this technology, he has authored numerous books, chapters, articles and interviews on magnetics, conducts research on the use of various kinds of electromagnetic systems and their applications, and teaches practitioners on the appropriate use of magnetic therapies.

What we will offer you:

  • Original and genuine PEMF-120
  • Always the latest technology and design
  • Experienced staff trained by Dr. Pawluk
  • Unparalleled ongoing support